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Why Virtual-First Cardiology?


It is unnecessarily difficult to find and access high-quality heart care.


Device connectivity and remote diagnostic data have changed heart health forever.


Identifying and treating people with heart risk can be easier and more clinically effective in the cloud than in-person.

Times are changing, and so is heart care.

We are pioneering a new approach to heart care.

On-demand services

Our nationwide model, uses real-time clinical data and device connectivity to deliver a range of clinical offerings, including same-day diagnostic reads, televisits and care programs.

Coordinated delivery

The days of disconnected heart health care are over. We work with our partners to identify, treat and monitor cardiovascular risk – synchronously, asynchronously and collaboratively.

Modern accessibility

We break down a typically complex cardiovascular care path into discrete, digestible steps – so members can achieve progress with their heart health – one step at a time.

Virtual-First Cardiology in action.

Naomi, Medium risk, Age: 62, Atrial fibrillation

The Challenge

Naomi’s closest cardiologist is 60 miles away from her home.

Enter Heartbeat

After receiving a text message, Naomi instantly connects with a Heartbeat Virtual Cardiologist, who assesses her symptoms and sends an ECG monitor directly to her house.

After one week of monitoring, her Cardiologist diagnoses her with atrial fibrillation and prescribes Naomi a blood thinner to lower her risk of stroke.

John, Medium/high risk, Age: 71, Heart failure

The Challenge

John needs to get an echocardiogram but the average wait time is two months.

Enter Heartbeat

In partnership with his primary care physician, John receives a same-day echo on-site — which is interpreted virtually by a Heartbeat Cardiologist. The echo shows early evidence of heart failure and he is prescribed an ACE inhibitor and a lifestyle regimen to shift his trajectory.

John, his PCP and Heartbeat’s virtual team continue to coordinate his care.

Lucy, High risk, Age: 79, Recent heart attack

The Challenge

Returning home from the hospital after a significant heart attack, Lucy is feeling anxious as she is not clear on her care plan and support network.

Enter Heartbeat

In the weeks following her hospitalization, Lucy meets with her Heartbeat Virtual Cardiologist and receives a comprehensive care plan, including frequent televisits.

Heart health trailblazers working together…

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